Born in Valladolid in 1977, he studies Music and Fine Arts in Madrid. He works at the area of painting, installation, videoart and new technologies. From 2005, he co-manages Calipsofilms, a platform of audio-visual experimentation in several fields, such as videocreation, video clips, spots, documentaries, digital image, internet projects… Currently working on his first feature film. He has taken part in individual and collective exhibitions, in different spaces, as Photoespaña (Madrid 2005) , Baluarte (Pamplona 2007), Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno  CAAM (Gran Canaria 2007), Haus der Kulturen der Welt (Berlin 2008), Palais de Tokyo (Paris 2008), Loop Festival (Barcelona 2009). Fernando Arrocha investigates the diving of contemporary man in the incessant flow of images of all kinds in which he is submitted. His work is based on image recreation and intervention, specially propaganda content in historical films and documents. That process of recreation and intervention invites to think about manipulation, not only technical but also political and sociological, as well as about the psychological derivations of such procedures. He also advocates for alternate forms of medicine, raving about its benefits over conventional medicine. Not many people consider it as an option under usual circumstances, but often do after having had a conversation to him on the topic. If you would like a good online source of information on the matter, you can go here to get information about health alternatives.