Equal. Intervention. Slide show.  Two viewfinders, slides.

By nature our mechanism of vision is stereo, that is, we are can appreciate through the binocular vision, the different distances and volumes in our sorrunding.  The viewfinders are similar in their layout to the binoculars.  The first sensation the spectator has is that he can see through them.  What he’s actually facing is a stereoscopic photograph which represents the space taken in of the spectator’s vision field.  The stereoscopy creates a confrontation among the premeditated ideas of the spectator which leads us to think over about the assumed naivety of observation and the possible conditionings which take part in its mechanism.

“Equal refers directly to the knowledge of the scene, to the notion of  space so full of vitality in young artists.  Arrocha and Cuadra arranged some lenses through which the visitor directs his look towards the end of the room.  Undoubtedly, the result is amazing.  The vision obtained is of the same space but empty, neutral and open.  Seems clear that the artists speak about our capacity to look, to notice and therefore, an interesting game of dualities is created.  Naturally, our look does not move further away in depth but it collides with a flat image.  Besides that, we are immersed in the everlasting paradox of reality and fiction, of a feigned space from which also gather poetical root connotations resulting equally comforting:  the idea of loss and the longed-for days.”

Javier Hontoria for the exhibition Fragmentos. 2004