Snap, crackle, pop. 2011. Video.

Three HD videos on three screens arranged on three walls.

Recording of fireworks on inversed direction (falling instead of going up).  The sparkles on each video form a word.  The words on the trhee videos form the rice Krispies slogan “snap, cracke, pop”.

The bombarding of images on the contemporary society is making people less capable of clearly approaching any subject.  The saturation, the weariness make us give relative importance to things  that shouldn’t go unnoticed.  This way we can merrily watch terrible images on the newscast while we’re eating. Advertising is the main responsible for this nearly hypnotic state, dazzling with a powerful current of dynamic, colorful images while etching in our heads simple, direct and stunning messages.

“The principle of orchestration.  Propaganda should be limited to a small number or ideas and to keep repeating them, presenting them once and again from different perspectives, but always converging on the same concept.  Without fissures nor doubts.  “if a lie is repeated sufficiently, it will eventually turn true”

Joseph Goebbels. Principles of Propaganda.

Snap, crackle, pop. 2011. General view.