Intruso TV


Intruso TV. Performance.

This act is a television transmission project in real time designed for Casa Panóptica.  We intend to shoot using a wireless micro camera attached to a bag that could be swapped among the audience.  As a result there would be a TV channel (INTRUDER TV) in which the member of the audience and the transmitter-producer could be the same person.

Due to technical reasons the filming could not be carried out among other difficulties, due to the radiofrequency emissions of a CCTV camera of a nearby premises that were superimposing our transmission.  Finally, decided to incorporate such interference to our work as it contributed a new dimension on the concept of intrusion.

“In regard to the presence of the author in the work, it’s not to be taken at all by way of a self-portrait.  What the artist does is to get in the work in order to act from within, toward the audience.  In an unsuccessful experiment carried out some time ago in the framework of the artistic actions Houses and streets, a camera placed in another building was suffering severe interferences in the transmission of information in a way that  the receiver showed the security recording of a cyber-café.  The performance transformed and the aim transferred to conquering such invading image. Arrocha searched for the premises in question and once there found the surveillance camera:  the artist had already entered the image and was pointing at the camera, his trick became evident with his infiltration.  This is just an example of the strategies he is carrying out and it explains the meaning of his presence in the video or photo”

Elena Vozmediano. Reality Show. Exhibition Catalog. 2005.