In the production of this project I keep on studying the use of the image as a systematic tool of influence and induction of ideas.  I intend to recreate elements of hyper reality but unlike the common use in the media, don’t want them to hide but to query the image itself.  Through postproduction techniques and digital retouching I try to generate small changes, creating every day images but with slight disruptions.  I try to introduce artificial traces generating uncertainty (uncanny valley).

In the past few months I’ve been researching the perceptions transmitted by the military parades as an allegory of social order.  The perfectly coordinated actions of the soldiers, apart from the obvious esthetic character and festive component, show up to what point could we turn into a device whose function is to abide by the rules.

The parades cast a dynamic image of strength, youth, order and discipline.  A second interpretation shows a reference of what a person, perfectly adapted to the social organization chart, must be.  Clones always facing ahead and following the same line.

The man and the woman stop being individuals and change into being an object, a thing, a number, another part of the wheel.