Little Boy Show


Litlle Boy Show. Installation, performance.

An inflatable real-sized reproduction of the bomb Little Boy.

Two video works in loop:

- The Show (Length: 3’26’’)

- The audience (Length: 1’26’’)

This work has three elements: an inflatable real-size reproduction of Hiroshima’s Bomb, called Little Boy. This piece is suspended between two video projections: The Show and The Audience. The first one, The Show, is the recording of a performance in which, in a sort of parade, different people transports the reproduction of Little Boy across the streets of a city. In the second one, The Audience, an audience applauds the show.

“The story starts and, from now on, deterrent action can no longer be considered as a base. Whether we do or not nuclear tests, situation does not change. We live, then, greatly worried, about losing security. It is very difficult to me to establish myself in these days, where menace does not stop proliferating. At least, before there was one unique menace represented by an evil object: the atomic bomb. Still, nowadays, menace is distributed, and every object, media, transport, energy…, must be taken into account.”

(Paul Virilio, Cyber world, the politics of the very worst.)

Little Boy Show – The show. Video 3′ 26″