On Air


On Air. 2007. Instalación.

Fernando Arrocha y Ángela Cuadra.

Stage. Scale model.and chroma. Video camera. PC. Television. Couch.

In On Air we go into the simulation of a TV broadcast. In the first place, we find a set design containing a city outline. The chroma green background allows replacement of this color by an image of synthesis in real time. A camera takes what happens on stage.

On the other hand, we find the recreation of a living room with a TV set. On the televsion you can see in real time the setting picked up by the camera, the outline of the city and probably, the spectators situated in front of the lens, including ourselves. We cannot avoid being part of the show.

On Air 02

On the television image the sky of our city has changed. The chroma green background has been replace by the darkness of the night, constantly interrupted by the flashes of powerful explosions.

On Air 02

From the beginning I was captured by the messages relayed by contemporary wars through the media. In times of intelligent bombs war is not blood, death and distress but an aseptic explosion that briefly lits up the city in the night. Live fireworks, no breaks, no set-ups. Without photomontage the tricks are not possible.