Shelter. Acrylic on paper. 200×140.

With a clearly ironic and appropriationistic nature, this work is trying to demonstrate the social control through fear of the Western societies.  The scale of  the drawings redounds on the idea of generating panic through the media as if they were huge billboards warning against fictitious risks.

The first time we exhibited this work we situated it on the outside walls of the room in which Survival video work was projected. We thought that both works are complementary and support each other in a conceptual way. If Survival can be seen as a nuclear fallout shelter, Shelter can be read as its instructions of use. Both works wish to state the idea spread by these manuals of civil defence: the less freedom you have, the more security you get.

“There is no good usage of the media, the media are part of the event, they are part of the terror and they are part of the game in one way or another.”
The spirit of terrorism. Jean Baudrillard